Upcoming Meeting – Cesar Chavez and Rob Nosse

In the aftermath of Jeanie Diaz’s tragic death on Cesar Chavez, across from the library, a member of the board of the Mount Tabor NA drafted a letter to PBOT demanding action to extend a soon to be installed Rose Lane from it’s planned terminus at Cesar Chavez and Stark through Sunnyside all the way to Division or Powell. Rose Lanes are those red-painted lanes that permit only busses, bikes and cars that are turning right to use them. The new Rose Lane on Cesar Chavez is planned to run from I-84 down to Stark. The MTNA board member reached out to the SNA and Richmond NA boards seeking support so that we could all sign on and present a united front to the city planners. The SNA board, in August, voted to sign on to this letter, believing that the extension of the already planned Rose Lane further south could help calm speeding traffic, provide a much needed buffer for pedestrians and ultimately save lives for minimal cost. Unfortunately, the RNA board decided against supporting this measure, instead wanting to do further engagement with the community and explore any potential unintended consequences of the lanes. Without the support of all 3 of the neighborhoods, the MTNA board decided to withdraw the letter, allowing us the option to continue to send it to PBOT from Sunnyside alone. In light of this, the SNA board wants to hear from all of you. What do you think is appropriate action to take on Cesar Chavez to protect pedestrians, bikers, transit users and car travellers? As part of our September meeting, we will be having an open discussion, so bring your ideas. What improvements do you want to see? What are your ideas on the best ways to advocate for these changes?

In addition to this discussion, we will have a special guest, State Representative Rob Nosse, who will provide updates on public safety and other issues that the legislature tackled this past session.

We look forward to seeing you on September 14th at 7 pm at SE Uplift and online.

Chris Waldmann