Land Use and Transportation Committee Meetings

The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Land Use and Transportation Committee meetings will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 8 p.m. at SE Uplift (3534 SE Main Street). We are in the process of finalizing a revision of the committee’s charter, including outlining a work plan for the next year. We especially encourage Sunnyside renters to attend. The LUTC recognizes that most Sunnyside residents are renters and seeks to include their voices and needs in this committee. 

Historically, the Sunnyside LUTC has served as a point of contact between the neighborhood, city planning bureaus, and private developers looking to make changes or redevelop land in the neighborhood. The reformed committee will maintain this role, facilitate discussion between neighbors on issues relating to proposed and existing transportation, and aid in refining a vision for our neighborhood infrastructure in alignment with the interests of current and future Sunnyside residents.

Ignacio Simon