Critic’s Corner: Pizza Picks

My favorite pizza place is Straight from New York on Hawthorne. I like it because they make very thin slices and they make them very big. Pepperoni is my favorite. My second favorite is Ranch Pizza. They have all the favorite toppings that I normally like, like pepperoni. I like the square shape and the crust is sooo good. My third favorite is the pizza from my school – Glencoe. On Thursdays, the lunch menu is pizza and I like it because it is greasy and has pepperoni.

Straight from New York, 3701 SE Hawthorne and 3330 SE Belmont.
Happy Hour slice is $3.25

Ranch Pizza, 2239 SE 11th Ave.
They also have fancier pies like the #4: aged mozzarella, red sauce, sausage, ricotta, with calabrian chilies, pecorino, and basil. 

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Jonathan Woodworth

7 years old, Glencoe Elementary

Author: Jonathan Woodworth

7 years old, Glencoe Elementary