Critic’s Corner: Tabor Bread

Review by Katherine Crosato, age 10, SES student 

Tabor Bread is a great local bakery that recently moved to Belmont and 44th from its original location on Hawthorne. Everything is carefully made and always fresh. Everybody there is welcoming and kind. They recently downsized so there is less seating, but this new location is more convenient for my family and still cozy. We always get bread there and we love it. Last Sunday I ordered a croissant sandwich with ham, cheese, aioli and sprouts and to top it off a very good quality mustard. It was great and I would recommend it to anyone. It was crispy and the inside was soft. I loved it! We had only planned to get a few things but ended up getting so many items. All of it smelled and looked amazing. The interior was very nice and comfortable to eat in. The customer service was great and they got things done fast. 

I do wish they had more food options. They used to have a huge variety to choose from and I feel like I didn’t have much to pick from but I’m sure that will come later. I’m excited for the future outdoor seating which will be a great thing to add considering I couldn’t bring my dog inside. I will definitely go back and this is a great local bakery if you’re looking for something fresh to eat. That’s why I recommend Tabor Bread as your local bakery. 

Tabor Bread, 4438 SE Belmont St.; see for their weekly bread schedule.  Open every day from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

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