News from the President

Happy Holidays Sunnyside! 

The SNA met on November 10th for our bi-monthly meeting. A big topic of conversation was Mayor Ted Wheeler’s new plan to open large designated campsites across the city and to gradually ban unsanctioned camping by Portland’s houseless residents. Sam Adams, from the Mayor’s office, kicked off a series of meetings with neighborhood stakeholders on November 9th to discuss their vision. The pilot site would open with space for up to 150 people. They eventually expect to have six sites, with space for up to 250 people at each site. The mayor’s office says that each city-owned site would be managed by a private contractor, providing two meals, heated tents and access to service providers, like mental health, housing coordinators and drug treatment. The camps would be fenced and would have security, including in the 1000 feet surrounding each site. There are still many details to work out, including site selection and finances. Many meetings with the mayor’s office will continue over the coming months. They hope to be off the ground within 18 months.

We also had a presentation from Quiet Clean PDX (QC PDX). This organization is working towards a future where Portland would be free of gas-powered leaf blowers, as they greatly decrease air quality, cause extensive noise pollution and may present particular health hazards to their operators. This was an educational presentation and we may look at endorsing their campaign in the future, if the neighborhood is interested.

In other news, Portland voted for a new form of government with multi-member districts, proportional ranked-choice-voting, and a city administrator to manage bureaus! This is a big change for our city, and Portland needs you to stay involved. Over the coming months there will be many opportunities to participate in shaping the new government. Keep an eye on for opportunities to serve your community by making this change a reality.

The SNA board will have its monthly meeting on December 8th and we will return for our next general meeting in January.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with friends, family and bright tidings for the coming new year. And I hope to see many of you at Sunnyside’s brightest tradition – the lights on Peacock Lane!

Chris Waldmann

SNA President

Author: Chris Waldmann

SNA President