Last Month’s News. This Month’s Plans.

The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association held its annual Board Elections at the June meeting and voted in three new members – Emily McCadden, Chris Waldmann, and Cole White. Congratulations to the newest members to represent and serve the Sunnyside community. 

There will not be a SNA General and Board meeting for the month of July due to organizing officer roles and preparing for the August meeting. 

I close with my complete gratitude for having had the opportunity to serve Sunnyside. My term is now complete and I will be stepping down from my role as the SNA President. There is much that I have learned through the process. I made many connections and got to see the organization develop a strong foundation. I’m excited to see the SNA continue this momentum and be the example within the city of Portland that local government does have a high impact. 

Be well and stay involved. 

Ash Hester

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