Join the Reparations Underground Market

Two years ago, after George Floyd’s murder, I felt angry and helpless about the continuing racist society we live in. I educated myself, marched, and vowed to make a difference. However, I felt there weren’t concrete, practical ways to integrate racial justice into my daily life. That’s why I created the new Reparations Underground Market (

The Reparations Underground Market (RUMpdx) is a Craigslist-style website for services, but instead of money being exchanged, it all goes to reparations. In each transaction, the Vendor chooses from eight different direct aid choices where half the money goes, and the Buyer chooses where the other half goes. Vendors volunteer their time and professional expertise – things like writing, editing, handyman services, and financial coaching. Buyers purchase what they normally need, but know all their spending goes to reparations. 

If you want to integrate racial justice into your daily life too, offer your professional expertise and skills on or buy something you already need on the Market. Either way, you are diverting some of your consumption towards justice. 

We can emerge from crises, pandemic and George Floyd, either better or worse than before. It is up to us to choose. We didn’t create the world we live in, but unless we actively do something, we will perpetuate it for our children. A more just and equitable world we want in our hearts is possible. 

If you have questions about RUMpdx, email [email protected].

Douglas Tsoi