The Four Phases of Emergency Management

In the e-prep world, where I live a lot, these phases are ones that I am familiar with. It’s safe to say that in today’s world, all of these phases are happening somewhere around the globe. For the past four or five years I have been focusing on mitigation and preparedness in my role as a Sunnyside Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) member.

Mitigation – Preventing future emergencies or minimizing their effects

Includes any activities that prevent an emergency, reduce the chance of an emergency happening, or reduce the damaging effects of unavoidable emergencies. Buying flood and fire insurance for your home is a mitigation activity. Mitigation activities take place before and after emergencies.

Preparedness – Preparing to handle an emergency

Includes plans or preparations made to save lives and to help response and rescue operations. Evacuation plans and stocking food and water are both examples of preparedness. Preparedness activities take place before an emergency occurs.

Response – Responding safely to an emergency

Includes actions taken to save lives and prevent further property damage in an emergency situation. Response is putting your preparedness plans into action. Seeking shelter from a tornado or turning off gas valves in an earthquake are both response activities. Response activities take place during an emergency.

Recovery – Recovering from an emergency

Includes actions taken to return to a normal or an even safer situation following an emergency. Recovery includes getting financial assistance to help pay for the repairs. Recovery activities take place after an emergency.

Early on, I went door to door with my neighbor Karen and her girls passing out materials to help neighbors get, and be, prepared. With the help of some neighbors on SE Taylor and Yamhill, I created a neighborhood list for those willing to share their phone numbers and email addresses. Sometimes I put on my NET vest and pick up garbage on SE Taylor, especially the day after garbage, recycling and compost have been picked up. I periodically check the storm drains for clogged leaves on the northeast and southeast corners of Cesar Chavez and report the need for them to be cleared, if necessary.

It’s important to mention that I am not the only one doing work to keep our neighborhood safe. Others are cleaning up around Walgreens and reporting stolen cars and keeping their sidewalks and stairs clear for pedestrians, bikers, and essential workers who deliver food and other essential items to our front doors.

It takes all of us to be active members of our community and keep each other safe. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Step up, step up, step up.

Thank you.

Questions? Comments? Need support in getting prepared? I have the time and the resources to support you. Email me: [email protected]

Jan S. Molinaro

Co-Chair, Sunnyside Prepared!

Author: Jan S. Molinaro

Co-Chair, Sunnyside Prepared!