Trang Ho and Trang Sharbaugh, two residents in SE Portland, founded Masa with a mission to propel regenerative agriculture into the mainstream. Masa is an online marketplace platform for locals to sell and buy fresh goods directly from one another – imagine you can browse a map of local fresh goods grown or produced around your neighborhood and buy products directly from the source.

With the focus on building a network of sellers and unique offerings in each neighborhood, the team is inviting you to join Masa seller referral program. Participants will earn a dozen local fresh eggs for every new seller referred! 

Who can you invite to sell on Masa? Think of any local small-scale farmer, gardener, forager, and artisan who is passionate about growing and making fresh goods. A neighbor who has more fruit from their garden than they can consume? A friend who loves propagating plants and saving seeds? A colleague who raises chickens and sells eggs to co-workers? They are welcome to join the community. Sellers must follow our product guidelines, and shoppers can share with the community their experience via ratings, reviews and pictures. Together we can build the community we love.

Trang Ho and Trang Sharbaugh

Founders of Masa

Author: Trang Ho and Trang Sharbaugh

Founders of Masa