Emergency Preparedness

Mise en place and e-prep

Almost all my conversations with friends here in PDX are centered on food and emergency preparedness. Having moved here from the Chicagoland area, the food here, all of it, tastes fresher and more vibrant. My weekly outing to the PSU farmers market reinforces the idea of eating, and shopping locally supporting farmers year-round and eating through the rainbow of foods sold there.

So, what do e-prep and mise en place have in common?

For me, it’s the mindset that the more prepared we are, the better our lives and those of our friends and family and neighbors. And, the meals we cook will taste better because we have prepped ahead of time so that we have all the ingredients we need measured and waiting BEFORE we actually cook or bake.

Emergency preparedness in this time of COVID may seem unimportant or unnecessary. I disagree. We have all learned to be more in the present moment. We check for our masks before we go out in public and probably check the hours and guidelines necessary to enter and shop at local stores, restaurants and food pods. It’s worth the bother, always. Hopefully, we all use what we have learned during these pandemic times to make ourselves more resilient in the future.

We are all more prepared for a disaster than we think. The skill sets and learnings we have acquired will serve us well in the future if we use them going forward. Find an e-prep buddy and help each other. Engage your kids in this work. 

Questions? Comments? Need support in getting prepared? I have the time and the resources to support you. Email me: [email protected]

Jan S. Molinaro

Co-Chair Sunnyside Prepared!

Author: Jan S. Molinaro

Co-Chair Sunnyside Prepared!