Sep 20, 2021 SNA Emergency Board Meeting

The SNA Board will hold a short 15-minute emergency board meeting on Monday Sep 20, 2021 from 6:00pm to 6:15pm to approve/reject the following time sensitive proposal. The meeting will be held over Zoom (link below). This meeting is open to the public.

Due to COVID-related financial losses during the 2020-2021 financial year, the City of Portland Printing office is adding a surcharge to our newsletter printing costs, bringing them from about $380/month to $535/month. We cannot afford that increase within our current budget. The next printing order is due to go out by Sep 25, 2021 before our next scheduled regular board meeting.
Phoenix Media is a printing shop located in Sunnyside at 2950 SE Stark St.
They have agreed to provide the printing service at the price of $400.00 for 3250 copies (our typical order), with an additional discount of $30 if we provide them with a standard ad space (similar to our other ad spaces), bringing the effective cost to $370, in line with our historic costs.
Newsletters will be printed on yellow paper as per current format, and bundled into 100s for distribution similarly to current practice. The only change is that the order will need to be picked up instead of delivered, but the pick up is right here in Sunnyside at 2950 SE Stark St.

The board will vote on approving/rejecting this change during the emergency meeting.

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Vincent Dawans