Seeking Feedback: New public trash cans coming to Sunnyside and SE Portland

This autumn the City will be adding 182 new public trash cans throughout Southeast Portland. The city is actively seeking feedback from people who live or work in Southeast Portland on where the new cans should (or shouldn’t) be located.

As a Sunnyside resident or business operator, there are two ways that you can provide feedback. Ideally you should use both:

  1. Fill out the Sunnyside neighborhood online survey.* This will allow us to compile the information for Sunnyside and present a unified voice to the city. This survey is only for locations within Sunnyside.
  2. Fill out the Southeast-wide online survey provided by the city.* We do not control this survey. It can be used to nominate the same intersections within Sunnyside or other intersections in larger Southeast Portland.

As of May 14th, about 30 Sunnyside residents have provided feedback on our survey, but we would like to hear from more. 

* A link to the surveys and more information is available at under the Give Feedback section in the sidebar.

Vincent Dawans