Board Elections this Thursday, July 9th

We are planning to hold our annual board elections on Thursday, July 9th, at our usual meeting time of 7 p.m., two months later than normal. Other neighborhoods across the city are experimenting with ways to accomplish an election that conforms to each neighborhood’s bylaws as well as avoids risks to anyone’s health. We considered (1) a largely digital approach, (2) a hybrid video-conference-based election combined with a staffed ballot box, as well as (3) an outdoor venue using small adjustments to our tried-and-true in- person procedures.

Our hope and intention is to conduct our elections outside in the fresh air adjacent to S.E. Uplift’s building at 3534 SE Main St. The parking lot and mini-park offer a good amount of space, and the proximity to the building makes staging this relatively straightforward.

The basic format will resemble a typical election where candidates briefly introduce themselves and the membership (anyone who lives in the neighborhood, owns a business here, or is the designated representative of a business or community group or organization located in Sunnyside) votes by paper ballot. The votes will be collected and tallied by our liaison from S.E. Uplift, Christina Estime, who has helped us with past elections. We are excited to make this work and hope you will join us.

Candidate Statements

Jessie Maran

Hello neighbors.

Thank you for considering me as a representative of the voices and perspectives of our Sunnyside Neighborhood community. I’m Jessie Maran and I live near the intersection of SE Cesar Chavez and SE Hawthorne with my mom, teenage son, and a flurry of cats. My professional background is in urban planning and I spend my spare time working in advocacy at the intersection of climate action and transportation. I am also serving on the Board of Southeast Uplift. In all things, my focus is on learning from my community through inclusive and respectful conversation.

The Sunnyside neighborhood is a vibrant mix that serves as home, workplace, destination, and a place to pass through – with so much going on, our neighborhood faces many challenges. I am currently running for the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Board in order to support the conversations needed to develop a resilient and compassionate neighborhood community.

Dave Boush

I am running for reelection to the SNA Board after one term. As the term ends, I am co-chair of the Safety and Livability Committee and the Board’s representative to the Hawthorne Boulevard and Belmont Area Business Associations (HBBA and

BABA). I also participate in the Sunnyside Foot Patrol. Serving on the board has been both a pleasure and an education. It has allowed me to meet many neighbors who are committed to improving our city and encouraged a more detailed understanding of our problems and the way Portland works. Two years is barely enough to get started making a difference for the neighborhood. I urge current SNA Board members to run again and urge everyone to get involved on whatever issues motivate them.

Russell Rinaldi

I’ve been working on the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association for the past 2 years, initially as co-chair, now as a member-at-large, and as the chairman of the Safety and Livability Subcommittee. I’m hoping we can move forward with the right balance of compromise. We can achieve workable solutions and represent Sunnyside’s concerns to the city to get the available resources we need to affect change.

I believe we can effectuate equitable solutions, and I’d like to continue working toward that goal if I’m voted in for another two year term. We’re strongest when we work together. Moving forward, I will continue to work for, and on behalf of, my Sunnyside neighbors with the hope of improving the safety and livability issues we face. This is the majority of my purpose as being a member of this board.

Thank you for the first two years, and your consideration for another two.

Reuben Deumling