Sunnyside Community House Considering Adding 50 Beds

In response to our city’s homelessness emergency, the Multnomah County Joint Office of Homeless Services and the City of Portland have asked Do Good Multnomoah to find 100 additional beds for people experiencing homelessness in Portland this Winter. They have asked if Sunnyside Community House could open up to 50 of these beds, to be staffed and run by Do Good Multnomah for the months of December until April. As Sunnyside Community House’s Board decides their response, we would like to hear from the community. What questions do you have? How can we think about this from all of the angles it requires?

On Tuesday, November 13th, we will hear from the Director of Do Good Multnomah about proposal and practices, John Mayer (of Sunnyside Community House) and members of our community. We will have an opportunity to ask questions that will inform the Community House’s decision.

Please join us at the meeting, in the Community House lower level this Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM.  3520 SE Yamhill Street.

Sean Watkins

2 thoughts on “Sunnyside Community House Considering Adding 50 Beds”

  1. Hi there – I am a new resident of Sunnyside neighborhood and would like to know of ways I can help. What is the volunteering schedule and orientation process? Thank you, Andrea

  2. Hi Andrea,

    If you would contact Pat Schweibert, she can give you information on volunteering. Her email is [email protected]
    Also, John Mayer is the Director of the Community House. His email is [email protected]
    Thank you for your interest!

    Sean Watkins
    Co Chair
    Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

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