October Board Meeting

The October SNA Board and General Meeting will take place at 7:00-9:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 12th at Southeast Uplift. Here is the Agenda.


Hannah Kapell

One thought on “October Board Meeting”

  1. Hello, I hope you are following the PBOT plan to interfere with traffic flow at SE 50th. We can tell you from experience that this will impact your residential streets. The 52nd diverter turned our little two-block street (SE 53rd Ave) into a pass-through street. (A resident of 52nd testified that she “didn’t even mind having to drive down another street to get to her street.) The same will happen to your residential areas as motorists identify alternative routes to reach their destinations. The assumption that all east-west traffic on Lincoln will be herded onto 50th just won’t happen. This will negatively impact your neighborhoods.

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