February Land Use and Transportation Meeting

Hello Sunnyside,

Please join us at the upcoming Land Use and Transportation meeting on Monday February 10th at 7:30PM in the Southeast Uplift building (3534 SE Main St).

A City Water Bureau representative will discuss the impact on Mount Tabor park and adjacent streets when the reservoirs are disconnected from the water system beginning in early 2015.  The public has an opportunity to comment on the historic resource and environmental land use review underway by the City’s Bureau of Development Services.  The future use of the Mount Tabor reservoirs will be a separate public process.

The other item on the agenda is a discussion of the City’s zoning regulations being updated to expand housing choices in residential zones as part of the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Projects 7 (RICAP).  RICAP addresses technical matters and clarifications or refinement of existing adopted policy in typically a one-year revolving work plan.

Please feel free to contact Dan Rutzick – Chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee with any questions at sunnysidelut (at) gmail (dot) com


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