Evicted for a Substation

The following article was published in The Oregonian on December 2, 1977. The Howlands, who had lived in their house on Belmont and 32nd since 1960, were relocated by PGE in 1977. A previous article in the Oregonian said that PGE promised to finance their move if they were able to find a suitable house for an equivalent rent. 

Couple granted delay on moving deadline

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Howland, a sickly couple living in a home that is expected to be razed to make room for expansion of a Portland General Electric Co. substation, were not forced to move Thursday.

Deadline for moving from their rented residence at 3236 S.E. Belmont St. had been set for Dec. 1.

PGE, the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association, and Mrs. Howland’s Attorney are all working to help the Howland’s find a low-cost house to rent. The couple has 12 children, one of them at home, a 14-year-old daughter, Lisa.

They have said they desire a three-bedroom home so their visiting children can have a place to stay.

Mrs. Howland is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure and Howland has a heart problem and emphysema.

PGE purchased the Howlan’s rented house 18 months ago, along with several others in the block, to make space available for expansion of the substation next door to the Howlands.

The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association has taken the case to City Hall because the association wants as many homes as possible left in the neighborhood.

A PGE spokesman said employees had volunteered to help move the Howlands as soon as another house can be found. The couple is paying $90 for rent and must find another low-cost house.

Mrs. Howland will be 61 Jan. 10. Howland will be 69 in February. The family exists on welfare and Social Security.