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Comprehensive Plan Related Documents
non SNA documents [in italics] posted as information only
Adopted Sunnyside Neighborhood Plan 1999
SNA Comp Plan Resolutions  Jan 2015
SNA Comp Plan 2035 PSC Letter Jan. 2015
SNA Clarification to Comp Plan 2035 Resolutions Feb. 2015
 SNA Recommended Comprehensive Plan Map Designations  Mar. 2015
HBBA_comp plan testimony  Mar. 2015
SNA Comp Plan 2015 Additional Testimony Jun. 2015
 2035 Comp Plan Map App  Live
SNA Comp Plan Additional Testimony  Oct 2015
SNAJan15testimony  Jan 2015
General PDX Development Information Websites
NextPortland Development Map  Live
Portland Chronicle  Live
 Metro Map  Live
 Laurelhurst Village Project
 Site Plan – Level 01 – 032015  Mar 2015
 Good Neighborhood Agreement_0816  Aug 2016
3423 SE Hawthorne Documents (Monkey Tail)
3423 Hawthorne plan review materials Jul. 2015
3423 Permit Status List (Portland Maps Online) Live
SNA Letter to Treece (Developer) Sep. 2015
Hawthorne Blvd. History – Planning Dept Report Feb. 2002
 Residential Infill Issues
 Proposal for an Enhanced Housing Choice code update package  Apr 2014
 Mixed Use Issues
SNA_Storefront_Letter  Mar 2016
522PeacockLanePermitApp  June 2016