Board Elections

General Information

Every year in May the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association holds its annual general membership meeting.  This meeting is a little different than the average meeting because neighbors vote for the SNA board of directors.   This year, the board election will be held on May 10th 2018, starting around 7:00PM at Southeast Uplift (3534 SE Main Street) in the Fireside Room on the first floor.

Any member of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association can run for a board position and vote for board members.  A “member” for this purpose is anyone 18+ in age who is either a legal resident of Sunnyside, owners of real property in Sunnyside, or one designated representative of a business, school, non-profit, or church in Sunnyside.  Eligibility for membership is established by presentment of a drivers license or state issued ID, voter registration, or utility or tax bill which can establish residency.  Representatives of organizations in Sunnyside may present a letter of designation as representative.

Each year we elect four or five board members to two year terms.  This year (2018) we will elect five positions, as well as an off-cycle board position from someone who is leaving town (6 total positions).  Board members are expected to stay informed of board businesses and attend the monthly SNA meetings.  Additional duties vary but include chairing various committees (eg: Land Use and Transportation, Crime Prevention and Livability, Emergency Preparedness), coordinating or volunteering at neighborhood events (eg: Belmont Street Fair, Neighborhood Cleanup, Sunflower Painting), and assisting in the production and distribution of the neighborhood newsletter.  Board members can expect to spend 8-10 hours a month, outside of meetings, on neighborhood activities.

Serving on the neighborhood association board can be rewarding and very educational. You will be among the first to know when things are changing in the neighborhood.  You may become an expert in zoning and landscaping laws (which can be quite useful when purchasing a home).  While it can be frustrating at times, generally you will receive thanks and appreciation from your neighbors for your service.

To run for the board, you simply need to show up on May 10th and self-nominate yourself.  If you would like to post a personal statement and bio on this site (or just indicate your intention) email board (at)  To vote, you must show up in person at the meeting on May 10th with one of the documents listed above.

2018 Board Candidate Statements

Reuben Deumling

Sean Watkins

I’d like to introduce myself as a candidate for the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association board. My name is Sean Watkins, and my wife and I moved here from Northern Virginia last Spring. Maureen and I had a plan to move west several years ago, which began a number of trips to the coast of California, Washington, and finally Oregon. We came to Portland in 2008, and immediately loved it. We purchased a house on Yamhill Street, across from the Sunnyside School, renting it out until my retirement was finalized. Since then, we finished a large renovation on the house, learning the neighborhoods, meeting people, and are always planning trips wherever we might want to visit. I would like to become a part of the neighborhood in a way that I can give back some of my skills, and to understand more about the issues pertaining to Sunnyside. I was a Professor of Fine Art and Technical Director at George Mason University’s School of Art for 17 years. I started my career in  higher education in 1995 with Northern Virginia Community College’s Alexandria Campus as the Technical Director for their New Media and Communication Design Programs. I look forward to meeting folks at the May 10th meeting!

Dave Boush

I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Board.

I was a Marketing Professor at the University of Oregon from 1987 until retirement last July. All but the last 3 years of that career were spent in Eugene. Those last 3 years were spent as Director of the UO Executive MBA program that holds classes near the White Stag Building in Old Town. Truth to tell, my wife and I moved to Portland to be closer to our two grown sons and their families. We have lived on Peacock Lane for three Christmas seasons.

We moved to Oregon from Minneapolis, where I got my PhD, and before that had spent most of our lives in the Midwest. We grew up in Wisconsin.

My reasons for wanting to join the SNA Board are probably much like your own. Our family calls Portland home and I hope to help make it as good a home as possible for my children and grandchildren. I thoroughly enjoy my neighbors on Peacock Lane and look forward to meeting others in the larger community who have an interest in giving back. Finally, I’m motivated by concerns with issues such as homelessness and crime that don’t seem to be improving in Portland.

I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

Russell Rinaldi

Hi neighbors, I’m Russell Rinaldi. I moved to Belmont Street in 2007 and have worked here as a network engineer ever since. I would like to serve you on the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association and the opportunity to participate in the stewardship, conservation, preservation, and support of the community I have grown with. Sunnyside has been my home for a decade, I have volunteered in various capacities and now look to expand upon that with the continued aim of promoting safety and livability.

I want to work with all of you to continue this community’s tradition of inclusivity and consideration of all its members. I support community policing, continued work with PB, the City, and our local citizens and outreaches to achieve these goals.

Matt Lembo

I’m 37 years old and moved to Portland in 2008 with my wife Rachael who grew up in Washougal.  We joke that like a salmon she had to return to the headwaters of her childhood to spawn.  So, true to form, we have a six-year-old, Bennett, finishing kindergarten at SES.  She’s an avid tee baller (go Cherry Bombs!), and loves gymnastics, singing, dancing and hanging from just about anything she can get a purchase on.

I’ve done a lot of different work over the years, including as an electrician’s helper, apple hawker, pit musician, performing arts administrator, lab technician, and energy analyst, though the bulk of my career has been spent as a web and software engineer, most notably as the technical director and cofounder of a small digital agency here in Portland, and as the architect of a geodata collection application for the global humanitarian demining community.  I also own and operate a purely avocational kung fu and tai chi school located at Cesear Chavez and Powell — so not in Sunnyside but awfully close.
I’m excited to get involved with the SNA as a way to learn more about my friends and neighbors, help work through some of the challenges associated with our rapidly growing city and our always changing neighborhood, and participate more in some of the amazing public events and sense of community that drew us here in the first place.  I’m also intent on setting an example of civic responsibility for my daughter that I hope will inspire her and her friends to live up to the duty we all have as fellow citizens.  I believe that the most important thing we can do as neighbors is understand what it feels like to live in each other’s shoes — often simply by taking the time to listen.  From there, doing the right thing is unavoidable.
Aspirational Kung Fu Quotation time!  “Dreaming, our wishes come true as if by magic, but awake we know that without time and effort nothing can be achieved.”