​​Portland Charter Review

The Portland Charter Review Commission (PCRC) is currently working on recommendations to update the governing document of the city, focusing on the overall form of government and how city elections are conducted. If their first set of proposals receive support from 15 out of 22 commissioners, they will appear on the November 2022 general election ballot.  

The PCRC committees have found early consensus on the following ideas:

  • Expanding the City Council
  • Removing council members from directly running city bureaus and agencies
  • Redefining the roles of the mayor and city council
  • Moving elections to a system whereby winners will be determined in a single election rather than a primary or general election

These are just frameworks and the details are under discussion. The PCRC will be hosting its next rounds of listening sessions in January. For more information please see https://www.portland.gov/omf/charter-review-commission.

Chris Waldmann

SNA Board Member

Author: Chris Waldmann

SNA Board Member