September SNA Meeting Notes

At our September General monthly meeting Maggie Derk from PBOT gave a lucid presentation on the Hawthorne Pave and Paint Project alternatives. The analysis and its context can be found on PBOT’s website ( It was one of many presentations Maggie has made as PBOT solicits public input in advance of making a recommendation. There … Continue reading “September SNA Meeting Notes”

Life with COVID as Life on Mars

How can we count the ways Covid-19 has changed our work and social lives, and the ways we cope? My partner and I started a haphazard Mars simulation at home, complete with indoor exercise rigors, decontamination area for groceries, etc, which has added some fun to the quarantine. With all that’s going on right now, … Continue reading “Life with COVID as Life on Mars”

Board Elections this Thursday, July 9th

We are planning to hold our annual board elections on Thursday, July 9th, at our usual meeting time of 7 p.m., two months later than normal. Other neighborhoods across the city are experimenting with ways to accomplish an election that conforms to each neighborhood’s bylaws as well as avoids risks to anyone’s health. We considered … Continue reading “Board Elections this Thursday, July 9th”

Work Begins on Sunnyside Community House Good Neighbor Agreement

Thanks to everyone who attended a very productive January 8th meeting of the Safety and Livability Committee. We spent the entirety of the meeting taking the first steps toward a Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) with the Sunnyside Community House including discussing the goals and purpose of a good GNA (hint: the proof is in the … Continue reading “Work Begins on Sunnyside Community House Good Neighbor Agreement”